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It's come to my attention....05/10/2009 - 03:18
....That I don't really update my site as it is now. In the not too distant future expect a total site redesign more related to my interests rather than a not often update blog.

Vroom27/06/2007 - 00:21
Round and round the wheel of cars does spin,
What new car tomorrow, will I be in.

I crashed the 'mera,
Then bought sommat dearer.

Ridin' along in my Scooby,
I musta been, smokin a doobie.

Now the future is kinda funny,
'cause I'll be drivin' a Sunny

My life10/06/2007 - 01:51
This comic pretty much sums me up...

The Algorithm06/06/2007 - 20:34
Did you know The algorithm is banned in China.

Not forgetting This is not the algorithm. on the other hand This is close.

Wii, Work, Warhammer!15/12/2006 - 22:41
'Ah ha' I hear you say, another cunning title. OK, more likely groans but nuts to you, I amuse myself anyway.

First of all I got my mother playing Wii Sports, she had a great time, it really makes me think Nintendo have hit a brilliant idea. Speaking of hitting things I bought another Virtual Console game, this time it was Super Star Soldier (again from the Turbografx 16), it is infuriating but addictive. It harks back to the old school of gaming where levels are nigh on impossible and a single touch means starting all over again, and I love it. Its your basic top down shooting game but with huge numbers of bad guys trying to stop you, erm, well to stop you killing them all, huzah.

Anyway onto work, the last few days at work have by far been the best in many, many months. Finally I find myself doing some real work instead of being a phone monkey, and it's coding in perl, I love coding in perl. Mornings I've been writing updates for some customer facing graphs we have (all in perl) and afternoons im writing plugins for Netsaint/Nagios and RRDTool to monitor the performance and generate alerts on various web servers, again all in perl. GOD I LOVE CODING IN PERL!

For the first time in many many months I am not dreading going into work and am actually enjoying my time there. The general change in feeling can be seen in others as well, we had a good time at work in general this afternoon, something I can't recall for a long time.

Speaking of work tomorrow is my works xmas party, it should be fantastic going on previous events, and hell, who couldn't be happy at free 3 course meal and an open bar all night!

'In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war', or at least only little statue like men that run in fear of giant dice. You may well wonder what the hell I am rambling on about, well I shall tell you. I am getting back into war games again, I used to play a lot when I was a child, I attended MAWS (Manchester Area Wargames Society) regularly for many years, some of my happiest times were spent there roleplaying and wargaming with my friends. Since I started at Zen two years ago I started playing Warhammer 40,000 again since there are quite a few players at work, I have a rag-tag bunch of eldar and I am frankly sick of the little wimps. Because of this I stopped playing for quite some time, well with renewed vigor I shall enter the fray only this time as Chaos Space Marines, I am currently thinking of running Iron Warriors (for those in the the know, don't worry it won't be an Obliterator spam army, I just really want a Basilisk in my force, I LOVE that model). They are quite a departure from the Eldar so I think I should be happy with them for a while.

I have already bought a copy of the Chaos codex and plan on buying a single box of generic Chaos Space Marines to start painting. I cant paint to save my life so I have a plan, I am going to spray them a darkish silver/gray colour then coat them in a gloss varnish to give it shine, then paint over that for all the detail then a matt varnish. It should mean they are well protected, their armour looks like is has a sheen and most of my painting work will be spraying, which from my point of view is great.